The stories are legendary – with the first event in 2005, Hells Bells 24hr Adventure Race has a proud history in Australia as one of the country’s longest running adventure races.

Based on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, competitors travel from all over Australia and overseas. It is a tough event and the highlight of many competitors calendars.

Hells Bells is a non-stop 24hr adventure race involving trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and other adventure disciplines. Mixed, Male or Female teams of two or four must navigate their way unsupported through an arduous 120+km course that is only revealed to them hours before the race.

Fairy Bells adventure race is run at the same time as Hells Bells. It covers about half the distance (about 80kms) but teams have the full 24hrs to complete it. The legs are challenging, but with the additional time available to complete the half course, teams have a greater chance to reach the finish line. The race is designed as a stepping stone to Hells Bells and longer races and is perfect for teams doing their first adventure race. The Fairy Bells course is interwoven through Hells Bells and covers some of the same terrain.


Each year a new and exciting course is developed. Courses are normally linear with teams often transported to the start line and finishing back at race HQ.

The winning Hells Bells teams are estimated to take 16-20hrs to complete the course. The winning Fairy Bells teams are expected to take 8-12hrs. All teams for both events have up to 24hrs to complete the course.

Athletes will need to be self sufficient and prepared for anything as the course and mixture of disciplines on the day will only be revealed hours before the start of the race.

WARNING: Expect this to be tough – this event is only for those who can race and complete a hard core challenge. Race support will be given with water stations on the course but you will be expected to carry your own water and nutrition for long sections of the course!