Between 10 and 20 volunteers are needed to act as race officials for Wild&Co events. If you think you can help fill one of these spots, it is greatly appreciated by organisers and racers a like.

As a part of the event you receive lots of appreciation, are are also eligible for the Wild&Co Volunteers Program – a system that allows you to work your way towards a free entry for an equivalent event.


The races are 24 or 48 hours long depending on the event – and continue around the clock. There are many duties that need to be carried out by race officials. These include manning remote checkpoints, working in the HQ transition area and acting as a safety spotter in water based areas of the course.

Once you have committed to the race you will be slotted into a timetable to be rotated through these duties. You will be rostered on around the clock and there is a good chance you will have some night shifts. If you have specific requirements, for example need to remain at race HQ or prefer to man check points, just let us know and we will work with this.

If you believe you have some specific skills which may be useful for the race, please let us know, i.e. water safety, first aid, communications, 4wding etc as we may be able to use these skills at the race


Officials attending the event for the whole duration are required are from race briefing or soon after through to the end of the event.

If you are also available to assist on the days leading up to the event, we also need officials to help with race registration.


Wild&Co provides a tent site for volunteers. If you would prefer to make your own arrangements you are more than welcome.


You will need to bring camping gear and food to be independant e.g. tent, sleeping gear, cooking equipment etc.  Don’t forget warm clothes! You could well be rostered on to man a checkpoint in the middle of the night. It will most likely be cold – so rug up! That said, we will make an effort to make sure you are well looked after and have what you need to get the job done.


All manned checkpoints are located on major fire trails which are fine for 2wd vehicles to access. If you do not have transport – it is still ok – just let us know so we can arrange something. If you do have a 4wd, again let us know as we may position you in a harder to get to area.

Wild&Co Volunteer Program

The volunteer incentive program has been introduced to help recognise the efforts of volunteers at events, particularly those who are also competitors in adventure races. The program allows volunteers swap volunteer time for race time for each event that they assist with. 

How the program works

The program is simple, for each whole event you volunteer at, you will be able to swap this for free entry to an event of similar length, or two events of half the length, or combine volunteer time as several small events for a free ticket to a longer event.

For example:

  • Volunteering at a 24hr event would give you free entry to a 24hr event

  • Volunteering at a 48hr event would give you free entry to a 48hr event or two 24hr events

  • Volunteering at two 24hr events would give you free entry to one 48hr event 

Wild&Co will keep a track of how many events you have volunteered at. Contact if you have a query on how many you have.

To enter an event, please get in contact and we will give you access to a special entry discount code. Your individual portion of the team fee will be deducted from the entry.


In order to keep the system as fair and simple as possible, there are some conditions that apply to using this program. These are strict - so if the free entry is important to you, make sure you understand what the conditions are.

Obtaining Points – You must volunteer at the event for the events entire duration. This means you need to be there for the initial briefing right through to the end. If you are only able to help out for a portion of the event, sorry, you will not receive free entry to a future event.

Spending Points – Points are non-transferable, meaning only you are able to use the points which you obtain. Points expire after 3 years from the date they are attained. You must accumulate the points prior to being able to spend them. Points can only be used to pay for an event in it’s entirety. For example, if you have half the number of points required to enter the event, you are not able to get a discounted entry fee. Points are for your individual entry only, your team mates are still required to pay their portion of the entry fee.About