Hells Bells and Fairy Bells competitors are required carry mandatory items to maximise their safety during the event and need to be familiar with the event logistics for AR races.

It is the teams responsibility to ensure all items are on you. Penalties associated with deficient items at an equipment check during the race will be severe (and may include disqualification).

Mandatory Equipment

Download the Mandatory Equipment list here


Teams are to provide 3 x plastic boxes with a volume of no greater than 55L each (max packed weight of 15kgs). These boxes will need your team name and a letter on them (A, B and C). Pack items such as:

  • Food (e.g. sandwiches, bars, trail mix, chips, etc)

  • Drink (water bottles, electrolyte)

  • Dry spare clothing (e.g. shirt, socks, jumper etc)

  • Batteries for headlamp/ mountain bike

  • First aid (e.g. strapping tape, chaffing cream)

  • Bike spares (e.g. tubes, pump, lube)

In the course notes (at registration) you will be told the different locations on the course where the organisers will pre-position each of these boxes for you. Boxes are packed prior to the start and submitted to the logistics official. Be aware that what you pack in these boxes is what you will receive later in the course. Some duct tape is recommended to secure the lids of your boxes.



You should plan to pack water (sealed in an appropriate container) into your plastic boxes. You will find out in the course notes when they are issued which transitions do and don’t have drinking water available.

While racing, note that no specific provision is made for water on the course. You and your team will need to source water as you go. It is highly recommended you pack some water purification tablets to treat any ground water you obtain.

Paddles & PFDs

If you choose to bring your own paddles and or PFDs note that these will be transported external to your boxes – you don’t have to fit them in! You may choose to leave some padding on your paddle. Ensure they are clearly marked with your name.


Equipment checks will be carried out randomly throughout the race. It will be your teams responsibility to ensure you have all mandatory items at the above specified times. Penalties associated with deficient items at an equipment check during the race will be severe.


Race Organisers will provide all maps, race control cards and roping equipment if applicable. Kayaks, paddles, PFDs etc will be provided for the Geo-Half teams only.