Racing in a foreign country can be a challenge in itself. It is also a great part of the adventure!

Every year a few international teams are welcomed to Australia and to each edition of Hells Bells. Organisers attempt to make Hells Bells an “international competitor friendly” race. No support crews are required, kayaks are provided, logistics are organised.

An optional transfers are available to the Event Headquarters. Once at the HQ town, everything is in easy cycling distance. There are also car hire companies if you would like to hire a car for a few days.

A list of recommended accommodation options can be found on the Location page. Race HQ will have a location to store non-racing equipment while you are out on the course. This equipment will be available to you at the finish line.

Race HQ will have available to purchase a limited supply of equipment that can be difficult to fly with, CO2 cylinders for mountain bike tyres and glow sticks.

International teams can be provided with the specific 3 x plastic race trunks at registration. These are returned to the organisation at the end of the race.

Domestic flights in Australia can be booked online at Virgin Australia or QANTAS.

Official language of the race is English. Teams are encouraged to ensure at least one member is fluent in basic english. If you need assistance with an interpreter please let the organisers know so arrangements can be made.

If you need any other assistance, advice etc please don’t hesitate to contact